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Preventive Examinations

BIH Medical Group select the authoritative disease prevention institutions out of global medical resource, providing integrated high-end customized services including cancer  prevention, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention, and diabetes prevention.

Anti-aging Therapy
Anti-aging is soundless and evitable. As people age, their energy and immunity is decreasing continuously. Therefore we select the top-level anti-aging institutions that could keep your body back to youth.
International Referral

We possess the global superior medical resources and constitutes the professional international medical service platform. We will build the strongest health defense for clients through the cutting-edge techniques, top experts, and the most effective medicine. Even facing a serious disease, you still can handle it.

Healthcare Management

BIH Medical Group, along with global top-level medical institutions, builds the integrated medical service platform with five systems: Prevention, Anti-aging, Treatments, Rehabilitation, and Life-long Health Management. The new health management circle is form through health examinations, inspections, assessments, guidance, prevention, maintenance, and health tracking service.

1. Appointment  
4. Follow-ups
3. Service

Call the service number 400-801-6858 or our consultants to     make an appointment; fill the application form of           examinations and inquiry form

Return back; obtain examination results and experts' opinion; enjoy life-long     health data management and other          follow-ups.
Sign service contract; apply a visa;       book hotels and flight ticket;     receive services

Based on your schedule, confirm the    time  of  overseas  medical   treatment

2. Confirmation
A : Create Health Data
B: All-round Body Screening
C : Anti-aging and Referral
D : Health Management
√ Create Health Files
√ Examinations Report
√ Assessments from                  Professionals
√ Make your health                   management plan

√ Cancer Screening
√ Heart and Cerebral Vessels               Screening
√ Japan Diabetes Examinations           and Treatment
√ Taiwan Perventive Screening
√ Precise Gene Testing
√ German Body Anti-aging Therapy
√ Japan comestic Anti-aging therapy
√ Ukraine Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy
√ Cancer and pediatric disease                   treatment in Japan and America
√ Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular       Disease Treatment in Japan

    √ Taiwan Authoritative Health                   Management System
    √ BIH Health Management Team
Full-cycle Management Service
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Japanese Embassy

The Cancer Institute of JFCR

Address: 1104, building 10, Dongshanhuanzhonglu 39,                   Chaoyang District, Beijing
Phone: 400-801-6858 010-5900 0188

Japan Kameda Medical Center

Vimed Cell

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Cedar-Sinal Medical Center

Kenkoin Clinic

Taipei Show Chwan Hospital

Basel University Stem Cell Treatment Center

Medical Center Institute of Family Medicine Plus